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      Welcome to, it is our mission to provide a place where people can go for accurate information and reliable wisdom on various topics in life. We currently have pages dedicated to Starcraft, Hockey and our highly opinionated site,, where we discuss news of the day and other controversial topics. Please choose your section from the menu on the left or use the search feature above.

      We also strive to create a strong community on our forums through participation of people like you. By participating and sharing your own advice and criticisms, we create a feedback loop. This feedback loop helps separate the best information from the rest, and allows us to sharply focus on the highest quality accurate information.

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11/16/2011 -  (starcraft) Added Challenge #8 - Opening Gambit.
8/22/2011 -  (starcraft) Ren's replay casts continue, all the way up to #14 now. View them from Ren's replay page.
1/31/2011 -  (starcraft) Added a fourth replay to Ren's replay collection featuring a 2v2 PZ vs TZ.
1/27/2011 -  (starcraft) Ren's Replay collection keeps expanding and is now up to 3 games.
1/26/2011 -  (starcraft) Added a section on Team Games to the ladder page.
1/23/2011 -  (starcraft) Added information on the Ladder.

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